This is my home region, originally it was home to the Iroquis Nation. After the Treaty of Greenville it became the Western reserve or firelands. The name firelands came because land in the area was given to Conneticut settlers who had been burned out by the British during the revolutionary war.

Lake Erie has had a significant impact on the region and the ports and canals allowed settlement and formed the region.

My favorite Spots : Some of the less advertised ones I have done pages on them. 

Canal Fulton features a chance to ride on a canal boat. There are two parks 1.1 miles apart. This is a great location to see how the canal worked. Besides the rides there is a second canal boat on display. The video in the visitors center does a great job setting up the visit.


The Mustill Store- Cascade Valley

This park is on the north side of Akron and features a Museum inside a restored Canal Era store. It also has a great view of the cascade valley and access to the towpath. Click on the picture to learn more.


 Lakeview Cemetary, Cleveland

Lakeview Cemetary features the Wade Chapel which was decorated by Tiffany and feature his Mosaics and Stained Glass.  President Garfields monument is here as well monuments to many other notables.

It is well landscaped and well worth a visit.



 The Leetonia Coke Ovens

Originally the coke ovens were used to cook down coal into coke for the Steel Industry. Today this is an arboreteum with nice trails a picnic area.


The Airdock and Derby Downs 

Home of the Soap Box Derby and the Goodyear Airdock. The sites arent open to the public but they are visible from the airport. 


Here are some sites with great websites ; Click on the pictures to go to their site. 

Maps Air Museum 

A nice collection of aviation related items right by The Akron Canton airport.  A fun museum to visit especially when they host an event.


National Packard Museum

Located in Warren Ohio the Packard museum has an impressive on the history of this automobile maker. Some of the pictures here were taken during an exhibition of motorcycles but they looked so good I included them. They host many special events.


  To learn more visit

 The Pro Football Hall of Fame

Speaks for itself Ive been here many times and enjoyed every trip. Click on the Picture to be directed to their site


 The McKinley Presidential library and museum is located in Canton,Ohio. They have dinosaurs, a planetarium and displays on the county history. Along with allot about William McKinley of course.  Something for everyone ;Ive been here many times over the years and its always fun. Click on The picture to learn more.



 Canton Classic Car Museum

Ths museum has a great collection of cars, however everywhere you look in this place you see some great memorabilia and could spend hours here. There is something for everyone. To learn more Visit


Wade Circle 

The Wade Circle is on the east side of Cleveland and is home to Clevelands Art and Natural History Museums.  Click on the picture of my niece and nephew climbin on the statue for more info.


National First Ladies Library 

Not really my Cup of Tea, however this is a nice mueum and great resource for study on the presidents. It is close to the Car museum and both could be visited in one day.

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