Welcome The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for planning staycations and quick trips in Ohio.  Sites to visit are listed by either region or themes. I have also included resources I use to find sites and research them. Links to the top pages are at the top of the page.

I have visited all the sites or gotten a report from a friend who has. I mainly explore by motorcycle , and have covered close to 20,000 miles within the state;and Im just getting started. This is a work in progress and I post as time allows or when I find something new.

Some of the sites can take all day to visit others are just nice spots to stretch your legs. Enjoy the collection.



E-mail me at mjj1965@earthlink.net



Notes on Navigating this site

 The site is organized by regions or themes,  You can get to these pages by using the tabs at the top of this page. Navigating the site is straight forward ; I have kept it simple and easy to use. Here are a few notes that should help.

Please bookmark the site as many of the links will take you out of the site.

Almost all the pictures that appear in the left hand collumns are hyperlinks and will take you to another page.

Your Browsers Back button will work on any page.



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