Wade Circle drive is on the east side of Cleveland in university circle. It is home to The Natural History and Art museum as well as a botanical garden.


Both Museums have strict policies on photography so Im not publishing any pictures here.


Either museum could take an entire day to explore. The Art museum is free and worth visiting over and over. These two are both world class and a great way to spend a day.



The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. 

You could easilly spend a full day here. The collections feature a collection of dinosaurs including the T rex and triceretops

Galleries cover the animals, plants and cultures of various regions around the country. Gems and geology are displayed including a Moon Rock.

There is also a courtyard with live animals and a planetarium.

Learn more at their website. 


The Cleveland Museum of Art. 


The Art museum in Cleveland is world class and admission is free; you may have to pay tp park but there are free spots if you are lucky. Clevelands Museum is not stuffy or just paintings hanging on the wall.  By far my favorite is the armor court which features a full set of armor for a horse with the Knight seated on top.


While they have an outstanding collection of paintings they also have many functional items on display from around the world. A section with Egyptian antiquities is very interesting. 


They have a very good website at



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