The Treaty of Greenville in 1795 set up Ohio for growth in the 1800's. The area was settled and the cities began to grow. The Civil War started the industrial revolution and Ohio was off to the races. This was a time of great growth for Ohio. Here is a collection of sites that center in the 1800's.

 The Leetonia Coke Ovens were built late in the 1800's to cook coal into coke for the steel industry. Today it is an arboreteum with trails and very nice landscaping. A great place to stretch your legs. They lie just west of Youngstown Ohio.


 Canal Fulton Is a great place to go if you want to learn about the Ohio And Erie Canal. Canbal Fulton is just south of Akron. You can Ride a canal boat and visit a lock.


 The McKinley Museum in Canton Ohio houses a collection of items from this periodit also has a street of shops that houses some artifacts from this time period. A great place to visit : click on the picture on the left to be directed tp their website.


 The Mustill Store- Cascade Valley

This park is on the north side of Akron and features a Museum inside a restored Canal Era store. It also has a great view of the cascade valley and access to the towpath. Click on the picture to learn more.


 Lakeview Cemetary is located on the east side of Cleveland. It is the final resting place of Rockefeller, Elliot Ness and President Garfield. The landscaping and paths make it feel more like a park than a cemetary. The Wade Chapel; Which holds Mosaics and Stained Glass by Tiffany is also on site. Click on the picture at the laft to get More Information.


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