During the 1900's ohio saw two world wars and great growth. Railroads grew and canals shrank. Aviation took off here as well.

  The Dennison Depot

The depot served for many years and was known as Dreamsville to the troops who passed thru during WWIII. Today it houses a museum. Click on the picture on the left to find more details.


Maps - Military Aircraft Preservation Society 

Maps is located by the Akron Canton Airport and has a nice collection of aircraft on display. The most unique are a Sopwith Triplane, Blimp Gondola and 1909 Martin Glider. To learn more click on the picture on the left.


 The McKinley Museum has displays covering the history of Starl County. President McKinley was the first presdient of the 1900's making this a great place to start exploring. Click on the picture to learn more.


 The Airdock and Derby Downs 

Home of the Soap Box Derby and the Goodyear Airdock. The sites arent open to the public but they are visible from the airport. 


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