Some of these pictures were taken at a cruise in event. The planes are always here the Hot rods come in once a year. Check the website for Maps special events. 

 MAPS is a great museum and organization dedicating to sharing these planes with the public.  The displays and aircraft are top notch. You can sit in a Mig, Walk thru a blimp gondola and play with a Bofors Anti Aircraft Gun.

The collection includes a 1909 Glider, a Sopwith triplane and many Jet fighters. They also have the gondola from The Goodyear blimp "Spirit of Akron" to explore.

What really makes Maps unique is the guides who show the place off. The first time I went my guide had flown many missions over Germany during WWII and really brought that era to life. On subsequent visits the guides have all been very good 

Learn More at their website


 Maps is located on the backside of The Akron Canton Airport (CAK) at 2260 International Parkway north Canton Ohio. The GPS coordinates are N40.91540 W81.45710 and it shows up on my Garmin as an attraction.

Food onsite only during special events. There is a vending machine with cold drinks. Lots are paved, bathrooms are clean, very good gift shop and they are kid friendly. They let my niece sit in the Mig, play witha bofors gun and the guide answered all her questions.


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