This area is bounded by the Ohio River and has the Miami River passing thru it.  The rivers allowed access to the region and many people have lived here.  There is considerable evidence that it was the Adena who built the Miamisburg Mound sometime in between 800 and 100 AD.  The area next became the home to the Miami and Shawnee nations.  It is from the Miami that many of the regions features got their names.  Once Ohio was open for settlement Cincinnati was founded and traffic on the Ohio River turned it into a booming town.  The area is the boyhood home of Ulysses S Grant and William Henry Harrison is buried here.  Dayton is became the home of aviation and there is much to explore there.


Today the area has preserved its history while adding amusement parks, museums, a great zoo and many other attractions. 


Attractions with good websites

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The National Museum of the Air Force

There is only one in the country and we have it in Ohio.

 Harissons Tomb

The final resting place of William Henry Harrison.

I have passed thru this region several times but have not fully explored it. Currently I am working my across the Ohio River and should make it to this region in due time. I have included a collection of links on the area.

The Ohio Historical Society has the following sites in this region

Here are links to the tourism boards for the region



Here is a link to an article I wrote about how to find destination while travelling. I wrote for my travelling friends who are always asking how I found this site or that one, it outlines the basic tools I use.



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