The Southeast Region gets its history from the river that borders it. There is allot to do here and it is one of the prettiest regions in the state.

Sites with good Webpages Click on the Pictures to be directed to their sites.

 Ohio Steamboat Museum

I enjoyed this museum allot. They have very good diplays inside the museum and on the grounds. It covers travel on the Ohio River very well. In addition they have a Steamboat the WP Snyder that you can tour.



Campus Martius 

This one didnt look like much from the outside, but I was pleasantly surprised once I entered. There have a cabin from the 1700's under glass inside the museum. Displays focus on teh settlement of Ohio and some notably exhibits include a complete gunsmiths shop and a chronological walk thry Ohio History. This is well worth the visit.



 A collection of links for tourism boards in this area


Here is a link to an article I wrote about how to find destination while travelling. I wrote for my travelling friends who are always asking how I found this site or that one, it outlines the basic tools I use.

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