Rutheford B Hayes was born in Delaware, Ohio and Retired in Fremont Ohio. Here are several sites in Ohio Related to his life. The pictures in the left hand collumn will direct you to websites that will provide details of the sites.

 Rutheford Hayes was the First president establish a Presidential Libray.  It is located in Fremont Ohio on his estate Spiegal Grave. Today the complex is known as the Hayes Presidential Center.  In addition to the library there is a museum, his home and the graves of Rutheford and Lucy hayes and his horse "Old Whitey". 



Camp Chase was a civil war camp; 3 Presidents Trained here in cluding Hayes, Garfield and McKinley.  The Site is located outside Columbus Ohio.




 Pomeroy Ohio is the site where both Hayes and McKinley served with the 23rd Ohio and met the Forces of Morgans Raid. Not much here but a marker but it is a nice area.


 The Lucy Hayes Heritage center is located in Chilocothe Ohio.


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