Gnadenhutton was founded in the 1772 by Moravian missionaries. The community included converted Lenape or Deleware Indians and the white missionaries. They remained neutral during the Revolutionary War; In essence this meant that both sides believed them to be aiding the other.

Eventually in 1781 the settlement was relocated further north into British Territory and the leaders tried for treason by the British who believe they were passing information to the Americans. Eventually in 1782 the settlers returned to harvest crops. The Continental Militia under Colonel Williamson tried and convicted the settlers of making raids into Pennsylvania. The next morning the Militia clubbed and scalped 28 men,29 children and 39 Children only two boys escaped and ran upriver to warn the settlers at Shoenbrun. The settlement was looted and burned. This action added fuel to the fire of what was already a violent frontier war in Ohio. Teddy Roosevelt later said of the incident that it was “a stain on the frontier character that time cannot wash away.”

Today the site is restored and there is a museum and several monuments. The mass grave is marked. The site is listed in paranormal books as haunted, to me personally the site has a somber air about it much like Gettysburg or other battlefields were so many have died. But the mueum is interesting and very well done.


The park entrance is at 354 S cherry street in Gnadenhutton Ohio. The GPS coordinates are N40.35450 W81.43547. The shows up on my Garmin as an attraction but it cant pronounce it. The roads are paved parking is on Gravel. There was a vending machine with cold drinks and picnic tables are in the area. 

Schoenbrunn another Moravian settlement is located up Rt 416. Along the way you will follow the river and it is a very pretty road. Along the way you will pass Zeisbergers Grave and the site of the second Schonbrunn village. Its a very nice ride that will take you into New Phioladelphia which has many restaruants and spots to take a break.


Trumpet In The Land is an outdoor drama That tells the story of the Moravians settlers. It is a very good way to hear the story and a fun nite. For more information See their website at

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